Dan Orner Kicking and Punting focuses on sharpening the skills of kickers and punters during the pre-season, in-season, and summer. The goal is to fine-tune your mechanics so you can perform your best when it matters the most. Many high school football programs do not have a kicking coach to advise you on form and technique during practice and games. Dan Orner Kicking and Punting can fill that void by providing answers to your questions, adjusting mechanical problems, and helping you mature into a kicker or punter both mentally and physically. Dan Orner can provide you with what you need to step on to the field with skills and confidence, and perform your best.

Dan Orner has coached kicking & punting camps for the past 15 years, instructing at camps such as UNC Chapel Hill, University of Maryland, University of South Carolina, University of Virginia, Towson State, Appalachian State and is the lead evaluator of kickers and punters for Team USA Football. In both 2011 and 2012, Dan Orner Kicking & Punting students were named as both the kicker and punter for the East in the Army All American game. Many of Dan's students go on to kick/punt at the college level, those students can be viewed here.

Dan Orner Kicking and Punting provides top-notch kicking and punting instruction to athletes from age 12 through college level. Instruction is offered in Camps and Individual Instruction. Instruction for each athlete will be tailored to their individual needs for improvement, and drills will be prescribed for each athlete’s specific weaknesses, regardless of the format of instruction. Dan’s goal is to give every athlete the skills to perform at the top of their potential.

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